Crying Caveman

Sculptor, Master Mold Maker, Designer, Fabricator


Artist and craftsman with professional experience with mold making, glass blowing, ceramics, and metal casting and fabrication -- all the skills to create custom art and design solutions. 


The transformative power of fire readily reflects the power of art to change people's lives. Crying Caveman keeps this alchemy alive on the Ohio: changing base matter into noble works of art and functional design, and leading others to draw out their own inner creators. 

The Name

In the Tech Age, the world is heating up, and people are becoming more divided. Creating with fire connects us back to nature, and to our own human nature. It preserves hand crafts - primal technologies - that have the power to regenerate corrupt cultures. 


Let's discuss a project

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Feel free to reach out. I love playing with ideas and growing my creative community. 

James Payne

(513) 349-5812